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Excellence. Authenticity. PURE TALENT. Gary Michael comes from a pedigree of entertainers that exhibited all of the above and more; clearly he’s no different.

Gary Michael is a Hip-hop artist and video Director and Producer…a servant to art itself. Unmotivated by fame and popularity, Gary Michael creates for the sake of artistic expression and love of music and hip-hop.  Gary has released 3 mixtapes; 3 independent EPs (CORRUPTION 1-3), an LP “The Collins LP”, and is planning to release his latest project “The Suicide King”  Summer/Fall 2016.

Before Gary Michael was able to utter a word, he was exposed to the world of music and entertainment. Laying his first bars at the age of 8 in the recording studio of his aunt, Whitney Houston’s estate in Mendham, NJ – Gary Michael was captivated by the flow and was natural to the genre of Hip-Hop. Various Artists like Tupac, The Doors, Jay-Z, Tom Waits, Prince, and a myriad of different performers inspired Gary Michael with their delivery and individualism. An advocate for individuality, Gary Michael has created a sound not only influenced by hip hop, but also rock, r&b, pop, blues, jazz, and gospel.

Refusing to live up to anyone’s idea of what he “should be”, Houston continues to push his own personal limits daily. As the eldest grandson of Cissy Houston and Nephew of the Iconic Whitney Houston, Gary Michael is pore prepared and aware than  any indie or upcoming artist. Traveling the world since a baby, eventually becoming a student under the tutelage of his aunt who was also his mentor, the beloved Whitney Houston, Fame means very little to nothing to an individual like Gary Michael. “It serves its purpose…” says Gary Michael when asked about celebrity-hood and fame. “…but it by no means should be a driving force”.  Instead of immediately diving into the business after High School at 17, Gary Michael obtained two degrees at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, on an athletic basketball scholarship. While in Pittsburgh, Gary continued to build his career grass roots style by working with various local artists and producers, performing at the hottest clubs and venues , while balancing his athletic career and his tour life with Whitney Houston.

“Change is awkward… and is always met with opposition,” declares Houston. Hip-Hop is a drastic change for the “family business” regarding the Houston/Warwick/Drinkard clan. However, Gary is solely in pursuit of capturing the heart of the listener. He can only speak his truth as his predecessors did. He believes, “You can be anything you want to be. People just have to dare to be different…dare to be themselves. You can’t let society define you. Most listeners will only listen to what is deemed as being mainstream and by mainstream I mean “acceptable.” Hip-Hop has become accepted as a culture, a lifestyle, that has many forms and includes people from all walks of life. I want people who listen to my music to experience that variety and depth first hand. I want to change lives…not just minds.”

And as anyone can imagine, Gary ‘s motivation and drive extends beyond that of a most….”I have to do this. And I gotta do it right. truthfully and authentically…I have to…for those that loss trying to do just that.” – Gary Michael Houston.

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