Gary Michael Houston


The Collins LP was released April 22, 2014. This album was Gary’s first release since the passing of his aunt and mentor Whitney Houston. With tracks inspired by and dedicated to the legend, such as Holy Ghost, Gary Michael continues celebrating his lineage by placing his great grandmother, Elizabeth Collins, childhood picture as his cover art. Elizabeth Collins is also the alias that Whitney Houston used. Gary Michael features his cousin Jonathan Blaire Houston on the scintillating track, SuperNova and also has features from Pittsburgh artists, Mona Li and D.O.B. He released aย series of 3 videos, The Trilogy, featuring ‘The Original’, ‘Dreams’, and ‘Holy Ghost’. The videos were filmed at Whitney Houston’s estate in Mendham, NJ, the streets of Newark, NJ, South Plainfield, NJ and Pittsburgh Metro Area. Watch the TRILOGY below and BUY the “COLLINS LP” on iTUNES or AMAZON. You won’t be disappointed.


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